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  • 5 March 2009
John Snow

The things making our world just that little bit better

● Channel 4 news using Twitter to try and find sources and interviewees: ‘Anyone know any angry Lloyds shareholders?’ Oh, and Twitter itself, of course: follow our idle meanderings at twitter.com/thelistmagazine

● Getting emails from Downing Street when you complain about things. Which we do. A lot.

● Watching Paris Hilton’s New BBBFFF or whatever it’s called with the sound turned off, just for milady’s trademark ‘giraffe stepping delicately through manure’ walk.

● M&S’ new ‘Real British Food’ line: corned beef rolls, chicken and salad cream sarnies and jaffa cake puds. Eee, it’s just like the Spirit of the Blitz! With added packaging.

● Hanging out on the gigantic fake tram on Princes Street; the closest Edinburghers are going to get to an actual tram this decade.

● The launch of the Queen’s new website, www.royal.gov.uk. Contains fun interactive elements like ‘Choose your Commonwealth Realm’, and its own special Prince Philip minisite. No, we’re being serious.

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