Profile - Keir McAllister


Name Keir McAllister

Who’s he then? This Glasgow-born comic has been performing since 2004 when he entered a stand-up competition in Dundee, only to go on and win the darned thing. He has worked closely with Paul Pirie (runner-up in the Scottish Comedian of the Year tournament) both of whom were part of the Scotland 4 Australia 1 comedy troupe. Intriguingly, they have been asked to write a script for Big Brother winner, Kate Lawler.

Where we saw him The Stand, Edinburgh, Sunday 18 March.

What was his shtick? He went off on a stream of observational stories about the joys of Dundee and the delirious nature of Australians while also imagining some ironic ways in which celebrities could die.

Went down well, did he? Yes, he did. Other than one lady in the front row who sat stony-faced while the tables rocked around her, only breaking out of that blank expression to show a pained disgust at McAllister’s more heavily sexual material.

When can we see him next? Sunday 15 April, the Stand, Edinburgh.

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