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Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming

With the launch of Resident Evil 5 Henry Northmore looks at why it’s a great time to be a fan of digital terror

Silent Hill: Homecoming
PS3/Xbox 360 (Konami) ●●●● Silent Hill has always been one of the most disturbing titles on the market, relying on psychological jolts rather than just action. While perhaps not the most satisfying of the series (that honour goes to Silent Hill 2) this is still one of the creepiest games out there.

House of the Dead: Overkill
Wii (Sega) ●●●● Starting life in the arcades, House of the Dead has always been about cheap thrills, fast action and all out zombie attacks. An on rails lightgun shooter, this is a gut busting, profanity strewn, guns blazin’, grindhouse actioner.

FEAR 2: Project Origin
PC/PS3/Xbox 360 (Warner Bros) ●●●● Admittedly not as good (or scary) as the original, this first person shooter favours frantic action over atmosphere. It’s a top notch shooter with a decent horror theme tagged on.

Dead Space
PC/PS3/Xbox 360 (EA) ●●●●● Survival horror, but with a sci-fi twist. Dark and claustrophobic it revels in its cramped spacecraft setting with zero grav and decompression adding to the puzzle element. Taking cues from Alien, The Thing and Event Horizon as gibbering creatures leap from the all pervasive blackness.

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