The Goodies

The Goodies Still Rule OK!

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 8 Apr


If you were ever to get a trivia question about celebrities being expelled from school at the age of five, you might imagine that Pete Doherty, Jade Goody or Sid Vicious would be strong contenders. But Tim Brooke-Taylor? Could this mild mannered chap with the Stan Laurel air of nervous innocence actually be a brutish thug? Course not. ‘I come from a legal family so when I said to my mother that I had been expelled, she said “no you haven’t, you’ve been asked to leave,”’ recalls one third of the Goodies. ‘It was basically a school that was all girls apart from two of us and we were incredibly disruptive; they were expecting us to be brownies, but we weren’t very happy about it.’

Still, it all worked out in the end and after creating merry havoc on British television throughout the 70s and early 80s, Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie went their separate ways with success, but the lure of the Australian market brought them together again in 2005. Last year, the trio (with Oddie appearing via video link) played a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe, which brought back some long-lost memories of Brooke-Taylor’s last appearances there, with Cambridge Footlights in 1962. ‘The big difference was that I was staying in a flat, which then would have had 16 of us in it. We did the full run because we wanted to genuinely be part of the festival and, sad and pathetic as this may sound, we wanted to just feel that age again.’

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