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Red Light Company - Exposure

Less than two years old, and already signed to Sony and attracting comparisons to the likes of U2, Arcade Fire and Editors, London quintet Red Light Company seem like they’re hurtling on a collision course with the big time. With their debut album Fine Fascination and fourth single ‘Arts and Crafts’ only just out, The List entered the Red Light zone with singer and guitarist Richard Frenneaux.

How did you meet each other?
It started in 2006 when I posted an ad on the internet looking for musicians. Our bassist Shawn (Day) replied, even though he was based in Wyoming at the time, but he flew over, we moved in to a flat off Baker Street together and started writing songs. I was born in London but moved to Australia then New Zealand when I was young, and moved back to Cardiff when I was 14, so Shawn and I ended up discovering London together.

That must have been a pretty convincing ad!
Well, I just listed a few influences like Echo and the Bunnymen, House of Love and early U2, and let him hear a couple of songs. He got pretty excited – music’s like that now, I suppose, in that you can live on the other side of the world and still listen to exactly the same stuff.

What’s the album about?
I saw a film called Christiane F. (by Uli Edel and starring David Bowie, about the Berlin underground scene) and it struck a chord. I can relate to the sense of dwelling on the darker side of life in there, but wanted to mix it with moments of musical euphoria too.

Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 10 Mar.

Red Light Company

London-based five-piece who have supported Editors.

Red Light Company, Grammatics and Lost in Audio

London-based five-piece who have supported Editors.

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