Findo Gask, Babygod and Night Noise Team (4 stars)

Findo Gask


The changing seasons of Scottish music can be hard to judge, although there’s little doubt we’re heading back into summer right now. So let’s enthuse about one reason why; Findo Gask, the Glasgow-based quartet who steadfastly defy easy categorisation. Singer Gerard Black carries off the pinched pout of Morrissey channelled through the polished soul croonerisms of Martin Fry, while around him his band direct the spirit of Vince Clark into the dancefloor aesthetic of Modular Records. Like nothing you’ve ever heard before, and gloriously so. Really.

Much music appears pale when held up to the Findos’ light, but both supports here had their moments. Rather unhelpfully backed by a video projection reminiscent of the titles to Roy Walker’s Catchphrase, Edinburgh’s Night Noise Team creditably stretch for the epic, although their best feature is singer Sean Ormsby’s richly-accented vocal. Babygod, meanwhile, have received positive notices for their literate and sincere (possibly overly so) songwriting. It could go either way; Radiohead or The Unbelievable Truth, that is.

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 19 Feb

Findo Gask

Alternative electro poppers with boy soprano vocals, plus spiky, jangling pop quartet. 'Part of Cupar Arts Festival'.

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