The Gillyflowers (4 stars)

The Gillyflowers

Rose Speed


In the short term, Edinburgh’s Gillyflowers won’t be able to escape drawing attention due to the fact their lead singer Kirsten Adamson is the daughter of the late Stuart Adamson. In the long term, though, the feeling is that they – and Adamson in particular – will snare deserved recognition for being just stunningly talented.

You wouldn’t even know she was Scottish until she opens her mouth, though. Looking summery in a print dress and cowboy boots, and with bleached blonde hair the likes of which Dolly would be proud, Adamson looks like a Southern country belle. She sings like one too, with a twanging delivery on ballads like ‘Wearing Gold’ and ‘Country Boy’, a suitably sassy drawl through ‘Rich Girl’ (sample lyric: ‘I love blood and gore / and I’m into guns / I’m into war’) and a spine-tingling falsetto finale to ‘Leave a Light On’. Yet the slight suspicion persists that she might ‘do a Tunstall’ towards the middle of the road if/when fame comes calling, Adamson is a complete and distinctive artist – so much so that her father’s legacy need never be traded on.

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 25 Feb

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