Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - Re-Animations Vol.1 (3 stars)

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - Re-Animations Vol.1


Re-Animations, says the title of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris’ (of The Grid) new pet project, rather than remixes. There’s something about that which suggests they’re bringing these tracks back to life, and there could be a grain of truth in that. Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’, for example, is almost unrecognisable as a squelchy, Afro-rhythmed electro-pop revenant, while Badly Drawn Boy’s ‘Promises’ sounds like Electronic and Goldfrapp’s ‘Happiness’ reminds at last of Kylie. Not an essential comp, but a work of real creativity as opposed to a few matched beats, and a record which is probably more suited to dedicated home listening rather than a quick blast in a club.

(New State)

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