Jack Tweed convicted of assault

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  • 3 March 2009
Jade Goody

Jack's wife, Jade Goody

Jade Goody's husband has been convicted of assaulting a taxi driver last year, his second assault conviction in six months

Jade Goody's husband has been convicted of assault for the second time in six months.

Jack Tweed, 21, was found guilty this morning of assaulting taxi driver Stephen Wilkins in Epping, Essex, in May 2008. He had denied the attack, claiming not to recollect the incident because he was "stupid drunk".

Jack - who married Jade just over a week ago - faces up to six months in jail for the attack, but sentencing has been delayed for six months on compassionate grounds, as former ‘Big Brother' star Jade is terminally ill with cancer. He is also presently subject to parole conditions after he was convicted of another assault last year.

Epping Magistrates court heard how Jack had entered into a taxi last may with another man and two women after drinking at Club 195 in Epping. The situation became aggressive when taxi driver Stephen told them it was illegal for him to transport all four people in the back of his cab, and asked for the fare in advance.

Jack reportedly said to the driver: "Just f****** drive, you ****."

He is then said to have become violent toward Stephen when he drove toward his taxi depot.

Stephen,54, said Jack leaned over to the driver's seat, grabbed him around the neck, pinning him to the headrest and told him: "I'll f***ing stab you and bite your head off."

Jack then reportedly pulled the handbrake on the taxi with his other hand while it travelled at 50mph, endangering all on board.

Denying the assault, Jack said: "I wouldn't do that to a cab driver. He is an elderly man. I wouldn't do something like that."

"I was stupid drunk. I am too skinny to be aggressive. I am not an aggressive person. I am not a horrible person.

He also said he could not recall grabbing the handbrake, adding: "I can't remember if I did it. But it is obviously stupid. If I did do this then I admit I am an idiot and I will pay damages and apologise to the man."

Jack is presently also subject to parole conditions, including an electronic tag on his leg and a nightly curfew after he was convicted of assaulting a 16-year-old with a golf club in 2006. Jack was sentenced to 18 months in jail last September, but released early in January.

Jade is this morning recovering from an operation last night (02.03.09) to fix a blockage in her bowel and alleviate her suffering. The star is predicted to have only weeks to live as she succumbs to cervical cancer.

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