Tron, Glasgow, Thu 21-Sat 23 Sep, then touring


There’s something about a company willing to embark on adventure and experiment that will always attract attention in the theatre. Boilerhouse, that stylish, occasionally erratic and sometimes brilliant theatre company is a case in point. Even where projects haven’t entirely worked, they’ve always managed to fascinate with their bold physical style. Paul Pinson’s outfit looks set to return to the winning ways they’ve demonstrated in the past, if the people involved in this new piece are anything to go by.

Drenched is a one-woman play which explores the interior dilemmas and neuroses of an edgy kind of character, reflecting on murder, violence and jealousy. What excites about it is the participation of writer Gary Young, who was closely involved with Red and Running Girl, two of Boilerhouse’s most exhilarating and intelligent pieces of the last few years. Add to this the talents of Mark Murphy, the co-founder of VTOL, the splendid English physical theatre company, whose recent, more textual, directing work includes the compelling The Night Shift, a 2005 Fringe hit at the Traverse, and it looks like being an evening of successful boundary-pushing.

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