Profile - Rhod Gilbert

Profile - Rhod Gilbert

Name Rhod Gilbert

Who’s he? He’s the Welsh comic who created a fictional village of Llanbobl for his early solo Fringe shows. Prior to his solo success, he was one half of the Stereocomics, the other half containing Mark Watson. Who’s not actually Welsh.

But he’s genuine Welsh though isn’t he? Oh yes. Formerly the voice of Wales, he’s now the face of Wales, actually fronting the tourist board’s campaign to get people to holiday in their lovely country. Gilbert can be seen in ads promoting such extreme activities as cliff jumping and wine tasting. You may also have heard his voice on the amusing football bloopers show on BBC3.

So, what’s his Festival show about? His Award Winning Mince Pie kicks off with Gilbert standing in a service station at 2.40am having an argument about a sign advertising, yes, an award-winning mince pie. Realising he may actually be suffering a mild breakdown, Gilbert opts to analyse the ludicrous world around him rather than freak out about it. The show was nominated for the if.comedy award last August and was the hot favourite before being pipped by fellow Celt, David O’Doherty.

The Garage, Glasgow, Thu 12 Mar.

Rhod Gilbert and The Award Winning Mince Pie

The magical face of all things Welsh and funny, Mr Gilbert is here to tell us about how one mince pie can be one too many. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'

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