Wake the President - You Can’t Change that Boy (2 stars)

Wake the President - You Can’t Change that Boy


Hard to know whether those ‘Smiths to reform’ rumours would hurt a band like Wake the President. Should Marr and Morrissey eventually kiss and make up in public, there would be no point in going anywhere near such newfangled janglepoppers, yet perversely they might also benefit from fans foraging for younger versions of their Manc heroes.

Obviously, not all the tracks on this collection sound like The Smiths (others sound like Postcard rejects or Monkees b-sides), but the ones that do, do sound really, really like them. The fact that the best moment, ‘Mail, Alice’, has already been aired on the splendid Get While The Getting’s Good compilation won’t help unit-shifting matters either.

(Electric Honey)

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