All Tore Up

Blackfriars, Glasgow, Sat 7 Apr


Rock’n’roll is alive and well, and, thanks to All Tore Up, the Glasgow side of things is finally holding its own. All Tore Up is the only night dedicated solely to all things rock’n’roll and rockabilly on the West coast and, thankfully, after a couple of years being a bit of a nomad venue wise, the night has found a new home in Blackfriars.

All Tore Up has filled a much needed gap in the social calendar according to promoter Neil MacInnes. ‘All Tore Up started out of necessity. There was nowhere in Glasgow to go and listen to the music we were passionate about, I just couldn’t understand it. The nearest club was The Web in Edinburgh.’ Along with partner Aaron they began the night for all the rock’n’roll fans out there that come in many guises. ‘We get a very mixed crowd at All Tore Up which we think is great. There are people that have been into the music for years and people that are just discovering it for the first time plus there are a lot of young people coming, which the rock’n’roll scene needs to keep it alive,’ he says. The music policy, unlike other clubs, is all about the vintage sounds. ‘We try and stay away from new rock. There’s just so much great stuff still to be uncovered,’ says MacInnes. The rule is simple: ‘All Tore Up is all killer, no filler.’


1. ronnie28 Apr 2014, 4:24pm Report

Sadly the All Tore Up, the Glasgow club is no longer running but the Spiders web rockabilly club based at the Spiders web pub in Haymarket , Edinburgh is still on the go , though for how much longer i dont actually know as their pub is going to be refurbished sometime in June 2014 so their last night is in May the 31st , no one seems to know what will happen after that as the brewery intend to change both the appearance and even the name of the pub , whether they will want to play host to the Spiders web rockabilly club or not after that remains to be seen apparently .

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