Labels of love: 17 Seconds

Labels of love: 17 Seconds

The label 17 Seconds.

Based in Edinburgh.

Roster Aberfeldy, Ex Lion Tamer, The Gillyflowers.

The gaffer Ed Jupp (brother of Balamory’s Miles; ‘I’m easy to spot, I look like Archie the Inventor with a Kurt Cobain beard’) and Laurent Gauffre.

Sounds like Mainstream, but with a strong distinction between each group’s sound. Jupp is ‘pleased with the fact that none of our bands sound like each other’.

How did 17 Seconds start? ‘I literally came up to Edinburgh from England for a week’s holiday eight years ago and ended up staying. One of my first jobs was in a call centre with Ken McIntosh, who would later be the bass player in Aberfeldy, and I also met a lot of people who are involved in music when I worked in Fopp. Now I’m a teacher at Inverkeithing High School, as is Laurent, and we got talking about setting up a label when we probably should have been discussing things like teaching targets; then, when I interviewed Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy for my blog he played me some new songs, and things went from there.’

What happened next? ‘The Aberfeldy single was released last year, and we’re just about to release our second from Ex Lion Tamer. He’s a guy called Tony Taylor who I knew when I worked in Fopp; I’d actually gone in to talk about their stocking the Aberfeldy single and was told I should listen to his music as well. Then it was Riley from Aberfeldy who suggested The Gillyflowers to us, because he’d produced their demos. The intention is that their single will be our third.’

What’s the plan for the future? ‘As a label we’re very much into the idea of releasing vinyl, although admittedly doing things download only is easier, particularly now we can get artists on iTunes. We’d love to release an album by each of our artists, though, even if that might be some way off. Long-term, the ambition is to be able to replicate the success of labels like Chemikal Underground or Postcard.’

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