The Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 6 Mar


In order to celebrate the 100th Monox party, Rubadub’s Dan Monox has invited Monolake and T++, two of Berlin’s most inventive electronic musicians to perform at the Sub Club.

As one of the key contributors to the development of Ableton Live (arguably the most popular music production software in existence), Robert Henke has exerted an incalculable influence over contemporary electronic music, while exploring the synthesis of sound, technology and performance through his various projects as Monolake. Regular Monolake collaborator, Torsten Proefrock (T++) shares Henke’s meticulous, experimental approach to music production, and his pioneering hybrid of dubstep and techno, exemplified most recently on releases for Skull Disco and Applepips, has clearly been embraced by Henke: ‘I’ve had great fun observing the development of more breakbeat-orientated dance music, and I happily realised that I can feel very comfortable in contributing here with my own works, on the edge between techno, dubstep or whatever you want to call it.’

Henke is always striving to provide something new that can’t be replicated in the home environment, fully utilising what only a live show can offer. ‘My live performances have a strong improvisational component,’ he explains. ‘What I provide is a concert, not background music. Most of my performances are either incorporating a visual aspect, or happen in complete darkness. For my Monolake shows I am currently developing a four-channel setup that hopefully will result in a very unique sonic experience. Chances are good that the night in Glasgow will expose a bit of that research.’


House and techno from the Monoxians.

Footwork vs Monox

Prepare yourself for a huge night with a legendary guest. Detroit's DJ Godfather plays ghetto-tech (the genre he helped found) alongside residents from Footwork and Monox.


Something new from the Monox team to celebrate the techno club's 100th party. With guests James Ruskin (Tresor, Blueprint), Rob Hall (Skam, Gescom) and Jackmaster, as well as Dan Monox and the regular DJ team.

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