5 Reasons to Go See: Doves

5 Reasons to Go See: Doves

1 They’re Madchester survivors Prior to becoming a sweeping melodic indie rock band, Mancunian trio Doves – Jimi Goodwin (bass, vocals) and brothers Jez (guitar) and Andy (drums) Williams – enjoyed moderate success in the early 90s as dance outfit Sub Sub.

2 They’re phoenixes from the flames Seeing that the trio’s musical rebirth circa 1998 was prompted by their recording studio burning down, we think they named themselves after the wrong flock of birds. We appreciate that that French band did kind of beat them to the punch, however.

3 They’re the bridesmaids of stadium rock And never the brides – Doves have supported U2, Oasis and Coldplay in open-air sports arenas across the UK, yet have never headlined a stadium show, despite the roof-raising quality of their best tunes.

4 They ain’t cool Being inherently unfashionable (30/40 something, beardy, miserable etc) has never done Doves any favours, and likely explains reason 3 above. They’re still loveable in a scruffy kind of way though, like The Royle Family of indie rock.

5 They’re due a Mercury Prize Two out of Doves’ three albums to date have been shortlisted for the prestigious award, without winning. Here’s hoping longplayer four Kingdom of Rust – due in April – breaks that particular duck. Doves is definitely a better name than Ducks, incidentally.

ABC, Glasgow, Sun 15 Mar


The pounding yet reflective indie types tour in support of their greatest hits collection, 'The Best of Doves', 12 years after their journey began.

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