Profile - Jahtari


Name Jahtari

Occupation Online German netlabel, and growing concern on the touring circuit.

Sounds like All the dancehall dub sounds we know and love. Which isn’t bad going, considering it’s all - for want of a better word - ‘artificial’.

What does this mean? For such an organic-sounding genre as reggae, Jahtari have actually managed to do a pretty decent job of reproducing the unique, bass-heavy flavour of dub with laptops alone. As their rather impressively detailed website ( explains, they call this Digital Laptop Reggae (DLR). The name is an amalgam of ‘Jah’ and ‘Atari’, and a similar lo-fi 8-bit aesthetic informs their branding and design.

How did it all start? Jahtari was founded in Leipzig by its shadowy originator, Jan, who used to make gabba and digital hardcore on his laptop. His first love, however, was dub, and when he decided to try marrying the style with an electronic means of production, the results were surprisingly successful. Jahtari is still a proverbial one-man-band, although the online label offers releases by a variety of artists.

So is this a dance show or a dub show? ‘Jahtari is first and above all about dub’, runs part of their mission statement. ‘We’re not doing electronica, techno or drum & bass with dub influences, but exactly the other way around.’

Jahtari play Mungo’s Hi-Fi at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Thu 29 Mar; School of Art, Glasgow, Fri 30 Mar.

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