Green Velvet

Pressure, The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 30 Mar; UFreak, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Mar


He is the experimental post-Chicago house producer and relentless dance floor mugger behind such inventive, infectious and downright dirty sermonic bombs as ‘Flash’, ‘Answer Machine’ and ‘La La Land.’ The original electro-punk Curtis Jones aka Cajmere aka Green Velvet (aka Geo Vogt, Half Pint, Curan Stone, Gino Vittori) makes a triumphant return to Scotland this fortnight. With a leaning towards angular yet fun-filled, funky techno, Jones can come across like Kraftwerk and Gary Numan taking a dressing-down from Prince and has remixed everyone from Madonna to Orgy and Basement Jaxx. What’s more, he’s an utter bampot.

Having turned his back on esteemed US college Berkley to make a name as Cajmere it was his mid-90s label Relief that unleashed the twisted, felt-mohawked Green Velvet persona, stirring a global phenomenon in clubland and launching the likes of DJ Sneak. His releases funky but hard as hell have been matched with an energy and raw gospel of performance as he careered down that road from real deal to superstar to saved evangelist. Yes, the flamboyant green one’s personal life has taken a peculiarly religious and philosophical turn since his last visit having declared himself a born-again Christian and set to stridently panning the Iraq war as racist and unjust. Nevertheless, the man whose first release under the GV moniker was the almighty ‘Preacher Man’ has shown no signs of renouncing his predilection for a mercilessly debauched beat or a sinful, squonking bass.

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