Stona Fitch - Printer’s Devil (5 stars)

Stona Fitch - Printer’s Devil

(Two Ravens)


Cormac McCarthy set a new benchmark in dystopian fiction with his remarkable The Road, but this powerful and profound novel makes a good stab at matching it. In a future world blighted by post-apocalyptic environmental threats, humankind has retreated to tribalism to survive. Ian belongs to one of two warring printers’ guilds in a desolate city, and dreams of escape with his damaged girlfriend Melina. When an ill-planned heist backfires, his hand is forced and he has to run for his life.

Fitch’s future world is wonderfully and completely imagined, from the landscape to the mindset to the language, in a narrative which address big issues like consumerism and abuse of power, but does so with incredible subtlety and always with a very human dilemma at its core. Compulsively readable but also incredibly thought-provoking, thrilling but also highly perceptive, this is everything a modern novel should be.

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