Comics - Chicanos (3 stars)

Carlos Trillo & Eduardo Risso

Chicanos (IDW)


Fellow Argentineans Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso’s fourth collaboration, originally published in Italy and France, is a New York City-set crime comic featuring a pointedly unconventional protagonist: a short, fat, ugly Mexican female private investigator named AY Jalisco, whose run of bad luck is offset only by her stoic attitude to life working the sleazy underbelly of the Big Apple.

Penned by Trillo in the edgy hardboiled mould and inked by Risso in the atmospheric film noir style, Chicanos reads somewhat similarly to Risso’s better know 100 Bullets. The artwork here is of the same high standard, with Risso’s eye for the details of street life as sharp as ever, while working in bold black and white produces even more striking illustrations.

However, Trillo’s writing is no match for Brian Azzarello’s on 100 Bullets. The plotting is much simpler and the dialogue lacks streets smarts, though perhaps the latter can be attributed to the translation.

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