Scottish news bulletin: 27th February 2009

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  • 27 February 2009

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is blue and underlined.


Sir Fred Goodwin: Following yesterday’s anger at the news of his £690,000 a year pension, Sir Fred Goodwin has remained defiant that he will not surrender any of the money, despite calls from the Prime Minister and the Chancellor. City minister Lord Myners has called his refusal ‘unfortunate and unacceptable’. (Scotsman page 1, page 4, page 5, page 27, Herald page 1, page 6, page 16, Courier page 1, page 13, The Times page 1, page 6, page 7, FT page 1, Daily Mail page 1, page 6, page 7, page 82, Daily Telegraph page 1, page 4, page 5, The Guardian page 1, The Sun page 1, page 10, Daily Mirror page 1, page 9, Daily Express page 1, page 5, Daily Record page 1, page 8)

RBS Restructuring: Following the announcement of a £24 billion loss for 2008, the biggest in British corporate history, it has emerged that RBS will undergo a ‘sweeping restructuring’ which could result in the lost of up 20,000 jobs. (Scotsman page 6, page 34, Herald page 6, page 38, The Times page 7, FT page 1, Daily Mail page 1, The Guardian page 16, page 17, Daily Express page 5, Daily Record page 9)

EasyHotel: Despite holding talks in Edinburgh to secure a site for the first Scottish EasyHotel, the founder of EasyJet, Sir Stelios Haji-Ionannou, has switched his plans to Glasgow. A planning application has been lodged for a site in Glasgow’s city centre. (Scotsman page 12)

STV Group: Glasgow based broadcasting company STV Group, formally SMG, have posted a pre-tax profit of £12m, despite a drop in overall turnover resulting from the economic crisis. (Scotsman page 39, Herald page 37)

Centrica Jobs: Scottish Gas is set to benefit after its owners, Centrica, confirmed yesterday the creation of 1,500 new jobs across the group. (Scotsman
page 40)

R&A Peter Dawson: Chief executive of the Royal and Ancient, Peter Dawson, has expressed concerns that the golf industry will not emerge unscathed from the recession, as a result of declining equipment sales, falling membership numbers and the sport’s high dependency on business hospitality users. (Scotsman page 62)

Borrowing Powers: Bill Jamieson comments in the Scotsman about the debate for Scottish borrowing powers. (Scotsman page 26)


Youth Violence: A study of violent offenders, carried out by Caledonian University over a 30-year period, has indicated that the Scottish Government’s proposals to tackle alcohol-related violence by raising the legal age and pricing will be ineffective. (Herald page 1, page 2)


Edinburgh Trams: Ministers have called for an ‘early settlement’ of the Edinburgh Tram dispute as the row enters its second week with no sign of a deal. (Scotsman page 16)


Childhood Obesity: A new study from Aberdeen University has produced results demonstrating that watching just one extra hour of television can make children ‘considerably fatter than their friends’. (Herald page 4, Scotsman page 13)

NHS IVF: A lesbian couple have won the right to undergo free NHS fertility treatment, following their appeal at the Court of Session in Edinburgh yesterday. (Scotsman page 9, Herald page 5, The Daily Telegraph page 13, The Sun page 9, Daily Express page 7, Daily Record page 13)


Science Training: Teachers’ unions have made calls to the Scottish Government that they must be trained in science at university in order to improve pupils’ standards in schools. This follows the announcement of a new advertising campaign, by the education minister Fiona Hyslop, encouraging youngsters to choose science. (Scotsman page 22, Herald page 11)


Referendum Vote: A spokesman for the First Minister has announced that the Scottish Government remain confident of winning enough support in parliament to allow a referendum vote on Scottish Independence to be held. The statement comes following a newspaper article in which Tavish Scott, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, said he would not support the vote. (Courier page 3, The Times page 11, Daily Telegraph page 1)

Alcohol Abuse Plans: Alex Salmond has reportedly reacted angrily to suggestions by MSPs that ministers were preparing to abandon plans for their high profile agenda against binge drinking. The First Minister has insisted that the Scottish Government will continue the push for radical solutions to alcohol abuse. (Scotsman page 13)

Cigarette Machine Ban: The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to ban cigarette machines and tobacco displays in shops. (Scotsman page 13, The Times page 11, FT page 4, Daily Mail page 32, The Sun page 2)

Disabled Parking: MSPs have passed a bill which will result in a fine, starting at £30, for misuse of a parking space designated for disabled use. (Herald page 12, Scotsman page 15)

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