Jade Goody rushed to hospital

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  • 2 March 2009
Jade Goody

Jade Goody rushed to hospital

It is feared Jade Goody could have only a week left to live, after her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital in agony yesterday

It is feared Jade Goody could have only a week left to live, as she was rushed to hospital in agony yesterday (01.02.09).

Jade was admitted as an emergency patient to the Royal Mardsen hospital in London, where doctors are desperately trying to relieve the pain of her cervical cancer.

The former 'Big Brother' star was reportedly in "screaming agony" as she received a police escort to the hospital.

Two days previously Jade had been moved from her home to a hospice because of pains in her stomach.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "It was an emergency transfer as the Marsden is the only place that can treat her condition. At the hospital she said, 'This is where I'm going to die'.

"She was in a lot of pain and very distressed and emotional."

Jade may undergo an emergency operation this morning, to help ease her suffering, according to her spokesperson, Max Clifford.

Max said: "What they had said to her was that she needs surgery to remove the blockage in the bowel which is causing her pain.

"Then the ambulance came and took her to the Royal Marsden and the surgery didn't happen. I think what they are going to do is look at her today and see what they can do for her."

It is also thought Jade's wishes to die at home could be shattered, as managing her pain requires specific drugs and medical attention.

The source added: "One person came to hospital with her, but no family. She is extremely weak now, she can't walk. All they can do is manage her pain.

"It is possible that she won't get to die at home because of the acuteness of her pain.

"Her condition can't be treated at home because of the drugs she needs - so it is likely that there will be a mercy run. It means when she has literally hours left she will be driven home to die."

Jade – who last week married fiancé Jack Tweed in an emotional ceremony – may also have to change her plans for her and her children, Bobby, five and Freddie, four, christened.

The ceremony was originally planned for this Saturday (07.03.09), but this might have to be altered because of her condition.

Another friend told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "She might have to abandon her plans and have the christening in the hospital chapel, or even at her bedside.

"When Jade agreed to go to the hospice on Friday, she was expecting to be back home by Monday, but every day seems to deliver another shattering setback."

Jade's husband, Jack, 21, was told last week by probation officials a curfew placed on him will be lifted as Jade is dying, so he can stay by his wife's bedside without raising alarms.

Jack currently has to be at his mother's house from 7pm to 7am every day under parole terms for an assault conviction last year. Officials will either rush to Jack's home to remove the tag, or he will be driven to a local police station where it will be removed.

Jack is also due in a London court this morning on another assault charge.

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