Exposure: The Darien Venture

Exposure: The Darien Venture

Rising from the ashes of previous bands and having endured various line-up changes, Glasgow/Ayr experimental pop merchants The Darien Venture, with a handful of shows and a wealth of experience under their belt and plans a-plenty, now look ready to set their wheels in motion. For those as yet unfamiliar, here's guitarist/vocalist Dave Martin to bring us up to speed.

So, how did The Darien Venture originate?
Myself and Kyle (Shields, bass/vox) were in a band together in Ayr called Fragile. After disbanding, we were both looking to put together a new band and joined up with Kyle's housemates Jonny (Beveridge, drums) and Liam (Rutherford, guitar/vox) - who were both previously in a metal band together back in Selkirk, called Kreeper - to form The Darien Venture. Since then we've played a bunch of shows in Glasgow and recorded a demo EP.

How did the name come about?
The rough explanation is that it's the name given to a scheme proposed at the end of the 17th century to establish a Scottish Trading Colony overseas to escape the problems caused by disputes with the English. It's a really interesting part of our country's heritage, but to be perfectly honest, we just thought it sounded good!

What are your biggest influences as a band?
In the wake of the demise of both bands, we decided to approach song writing from a different angle, to get out of our comfort zone so to speak. We all come from different backgrounds, from the heaviest, fastest metal to dainty electro. We all love bands like American Football, Tool and The Mars Volta but we are all suckers for a strong infectious melody and Beach Boys/Jimmy Eat World style vocal harmonies.

What are your intentions for the the near future?
We're about to record a split EP with We're Trapped In Kansas (also from Ayr) and have a co-headlining Scottish tour in support of it in April. We're also hoping to have a full length record by the end of the year, as well as hitting some festivals and support slots along the way.

What do you aim for when writing your music?
We try to be open minded when writing. We all bring material to the table and it's good to have everyone's separate input come together. You can have a preconceived notion of where you want to take a riff and then someone will send it in the opposite direction. If it doesn't work you can at least say you tried it and cross it off the list. We don't say "no" to any idea until we've tried it at least once. Our best ideas come from arguments.


The Darien Venture play Nice'n'Sleazy's in Glasgow on Mar 19.

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