Rupert Friend's paparazzi fear

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  • 28 February 2009
Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend's paparazzi fear

Rupert Friend - who is dating Keira Knightley - says Hollywood actresses are "under siege" from the paparazzi

Rupert Friend says Hollywood actresses are "under siege" from the paparazzi.

The 28-year-old British actor - who is dating world famous beauty Keira Knightley - believes most photographers harass celebrities and force them to lose their temper.

He told Britain's Independent newspaper: "It's particularly distressing to me to observe that we're fine with these young women - and it normally is young women - being chased, stalked and put under siege by battalions of strange men who sleep in their car and follow them and take pictures up their skirts, and when they throw their dummy out or whatever - everyone thinks they've gone mad.

"I would defy anyone not to be affected by what is, I think, harassment.

"I just think it's slightly below a moral code that I have as a man or as a human being. To chase people, it just seems very bestial."

Rupert can next be seen playing Prince Albert in 'The Young Victoria' alongside Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria.

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