Coldplay snubbed by MTV

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  • 25 February 2009

Coldplay snubbed by MTV

MTV has snubbed massive artists such as Coldplay and Madonna in its search for the Greatest Album Ever - which is launched this week

Coldplay and Madonna have been snubbed by MTV in their search for the Greatest Album Ever.

Voting to find the top 10 albums since MTV was launched in 1981 will start this week across the network's three UK channels - MTV2, VH1 and MTV Base.

An MTV insider has revealed Coldplay - who recently lost out at the BRIT Awards, winning none of the four categories they were nominated in - will not be included on the shortlist, and neither will Madonna, whose first album, was released in 1982.

The shortlist of albums was compiled by industry experts, and MTV2, VH1 and MTV Base will each have their own top 10 list.

Jasmine Dotiwala, head of MTV Base, said discussions about the list became heated.

She wrote in a blog: "Myself and MTV Base's Trevor Nelson tried to remain unbiased, but we couldn't help putting our own views in when we really had to!

"Things really got heated when someone declared that So Solid Crew should be in the top 10. I cracked up!

"I agreed that So Solid beat down doors and brought a never seen before movement to the UK. But a classic album?"

It is believed acts including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mariah Carey, Craig David and Take That will feature.

Three albums are believed to be nominated in two different lists - Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and Radiohead's 'OK Computer'.


The anthemic indie quartet continue to steamroller all before them.

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