Exposure: Hey Vampires

Exposure: Hey Vampires

Hey Vampires are a three-piece punk/dance/hardcore outfit from Glasgow. Currently ploughing their way through the undercurrent of the Glasgow music scene, they can be seen lending their name and noise to nearly any and every bill possible. In their short time together, the band - old friends MC and Orr, along with drummer Ross- have already put out one E.P. with another on the way, and have since earned themselves several gigs further afield as well as significant interest from fans and bands alike. The bands' Sticksman, Ross, gives us a brief history.

So, can you tell us how it all began?
The band got together last February. I was doing the usual stroll through the music shops and lifted a notice MC had put up looking for a drummer. I gave him a call straight away and arranged to meet for a pint to talk things out. After Orr got on board, we had our first practice together that weekend and wrote our first song in under 3 hours (firstborn). After that it was just a case of getting a set together so we could gig a.s.a.p.

What was the reasoning behind the name?
The name was chosen because we needed a name to book a gig under, but mostly because it was the only Myspace we tried that wasn't taken yet! But let me stress that we have no affiliation with Twilight- the book or the film - so could the 14 year old goths please stop adding us! You're only going to disappoint yourselves.

Did/do you have a set idea of what kind of music you want to make?
Essentially we just wanted to make loud noises that people could either dance or stand at the bar and nod with approval to. We tried using a synth once but the temptation to play 'funkytown' over everything forced that idea to the side for now.

What has been your best/worst gig?
Worst is definitely the easiest. It was last october at Bar Cosmopol and it was the first night they'd had bands on. It was a last minute favour for a friend but they'd forgot to tell anyone, so the place was empty. And I mean empty. Even the sound guy pissed off before our set... and we were the only band on! But i'm sure MC's girlfriend enjoyed it. Pretty sure.

Where can we hear more?
Most of our songs are available to stream on our Myspace including the title track from our new E.P. 'Problems, Solve Yourselves' - which you can pre-order there too - and our old CDs are available at every gig.

What are your plans for the year ahead?
Plans for this year include: gigs, gigs and more gigs! We're currently arranging a U.K. tour with Citizens but we really just want to play as much as possible and in as many places as possible. We work on a Waynes World 2 policy; if you book us, we will come.


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