Exposure: The French Quarter

Exposure: The French Quarter

The French Quarter: Time To Leave

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Think of the formula for the perfect Scottish and, and, forgetting the Bay City Rollers ever existed, you'd probably come close to the French Quarter. Mogwai influenced post-rock mourning to soundtrack a sunset on Arthur's Seat? Check. Bleak but beautiful vocals as foreboding as the rainclouds over Glasgow's cityscape? Check. All performed with a resilience and passion of the perennial underdog? Check. The only thing not Scottish about them is their name. Why The French Quarter then? Any why should you let them in your life? Vocalist and guitarist, Frank Murray, answers all. And more.

What were the reasons behind the formation of The French Quarter?

Our main focus for forming The French Quarter was to make music that would excite us even if we weren't in the band. We always planned to release music, whether it be on a record label or putting it out ourselves.

As the title of your first EP says, you guys aren't actually French. Why the name?

When we formed the band, we converted my mum's garage into a rehearsal space - the previous owners of our house had left a French Quarter license plate hanging on the door, hence the name. Our E.P title 'We're Not French' was just a saying we had within the band, it felt like a natural name for the E.P.

There's a sombre beauty to your work. Are you serious individuals in real life?

We take our music more seriously than anything else.

What feeling would you like people to get when they hear The French Quarter?

If it makes someone feel something, that's enough for us.

What does 2009 hold for the band?

We're going to be writing songs for a full length album over most of the year, playing some festivals between songwriting sessions. We aim to be recording in Chem19 toward the end of the year.

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about you?

Nothing specific, but Andy Miller, who produced our E.P showed appreciation for our music - this was probably the most encouraging thing that has happened to us as a band.

In five words, why should people listen to The French Quarter?

We put 100% into it.


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