Nicky Hilton arrests man

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  • 24 February 2009
Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton arrests man

Nicky Hilton made a citizen's arrest after being pushed over by a homeless man last Saturday (21.02.09)

Nicky Hilton made a citizen's arrest on a homeless man.

The blonde hotel heiress held 50-year-old Michael Broadhurst at bay until police arrived after he pushed her to the ground at 5am on Saturday morning (21.02.09).

Steve Whitmore, a spokesman from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, said: "One of our deputies was at the IHOP, having a coffee break, and noticed a waitress run outside because there was a commotion. There was a misdemeanor battery that involved Nicky Hilton and a man named Michael Broadhurst."

The police officer called for back-up after realising Nicky was involved. Whitmore revealed it was a dual effort by Nicky and the two deputies to arrest the man.

He added: "Broadhurst came up behind Ms. Hilton and pushed her. She's OK, but she was desirous of prosecution. She said, 'I am placing you under citizen's arrest!' "

It has been reported Broadhurst - who is due to appear in court on April 21 - told police he was Nicky's best friend.

Whitmore confirmed Nicky was not injured in the attack, adding: "It is my understanding that she is OK. A battery is just an unwanted touching."


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