Jade Goody's moving reception speech

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  • 23 February 2009
Jade Goody

Jade Goody's moving reception speech

Jade Goody gave a moving 30-minute speech at her wedding yesterday (22.02.09), and told guests how she is "praying for a miracle"

Jade Goody gave a moving 30-minute speech at her wedding yesterday (22.02.09).

Former 'Big Brother' star Jade married Jack Tweed at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hertfordshire.

Addressing around 200 guests at her reception she told how she is "praying for a miracle" in her battle against cervical cancer, which was last week diagnosed as terminal by doctors.

Jade, 27, said: "I hope we can come back here in a few years' time. I never want to leave any of you. Let's pray for a miracle."

Jade and Jack, 21, received a spontaneous standing ovation as they returned from signing the register at the wedding.

The day began with Jack arriving at the Hotel at 10am in a Rolls Royce. Jade had been flown in by helicopter the previous night. The Bride kept her groom waiting for 45 minutes before walking down the aisle accompanied by grandfather John Craddock, 70, who gave her away.

The couple gave their vows, with Jade jokingly telling off Jack for not looking at her enough. After standing for nearly the whole ceremony she asked for a chair five minutes before the end of the service and sat with her sons, Bobbie five and Freddy, four - from a previous relationship - on her knee.

At the end of the service, blessed by Bishop Jonathan Blake, Jade and Jack released a flock of white doves as a symbol of their love.

After giving away his granddaughter, John told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "This is the happiest and the saddest day of my life. In one way it was the most special day because I walked down the aisle with Jade, but also the saddest because of her illness."

At the reception Jack gave a speech to guests, saying: "Look at my beautiful wife," and turning to Jade, he added: "I'm proud to say I'm your husband," prompting her to cry.

Jade's spokesperson, Max Clifford said: "The chapel was beautiful and it was a very moving service. Jade looked lovely. The ceremony had lots of tears, smiles and laughter.

"Some of Jade's ad-libs were hilarious. She would have been in a lot of pain but for the measures put in place. It's a huge relief she was able to handle it as she did."

He also told how happy the couple were to be able to spend their wedding night together, adding it may be the only night they are able to do so. Jack is presently made to wear an electronic tag and has a curfew decreeing he must be at his mother's house in Essex from 7pm to 7am each night as part of bail terms, related to assault charges brought against him last year. Last night his curfew was, however, temporarily lifted for the wedding after Home Secretary Jack Straw intervened.

Max added: "It might be the only night they have. There won't be a honeymoon as Jade's too ill."

Dinner at the wedding was served at 3pm and the reception was held in a marquee in the grounds of Down Hall, and lasted until after midnight. A performance was given by pop group Sugababes and attendees included TV hosts Richard Madeley, Judy Finnigan, Paul O'Grady and Nick Ross, pop star Jamelia and ex-Blue singer Antony Costa.

Jade later retired to the hotel, but her health meant she wasn't able to stay in its pink bridal suite, instead opting for a ground floor room. Her hospital bed and a morphine drip were transferred there for her.

Today Jade is to have breakfast and lunch with her husband and family before returning to her home in Ongar, Essex. She then has an appointment with cancer specialists at the Royal Marsden hospital in London, where she is being treated. She will next plan a christening for her two sons.

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