Ting Tings no longer feel normal

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 February 2009
Ting Tings

Ting Tings no longer feel normal

The Ting Tings say they have "forgotten how to be normal" since becoming pop stars

The Ting Tings have "forgotten how to be normal".

The duo - Katie White and Jules DeMartino - admit their sudden success and recent world tour have left them so shocked and confused, they are struggling to deal with everyday life.

Jules said: "I think we've forgotten how to be normal.

"We do so much work - we do the music, the artwork and everything, and then touring on top of that. It's too much. You end up sleeping four hours a night."

The 'That's Not My Name' hitmakers - who performed with Estelle at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday (18.02.09) - are also surprised at how much their fan base has changed over the last year.

Katie said: "We're getting toddlers at our shows now. We used to get arty types, then normal mainstream people. Now it's toddlers."

Jules added: "It used to be real indie-types, but now it's a wider demographic. We came out of a concert in New York and this Hells Angel comes up to the bus and goes, 'Ting Tings? You guys f***ing rock'."

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