Kate Winslet's comfy Oscar dress

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  • 20 February 2009
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's comfy Oscar dress

The 'Reader' actress Kate Winslet will go for "comfort" over tight-fitting "torture" when she chooses her dress for the Academy Awards on Sunday (22.02.09)

Kate Winslet will choose comfort over style when choosing her Oscar gown on Sunday (22.02.09).

The 'Reader' actress - who is nominated for Best Actress - would never wear a restrictive frock, no matter how svelte and sexy it made her look.

She said: "I'm going for 100 per cent comfort. There's no way I could walk out of the door in something that was going to be digging into my waist and that was so super-figure-hugging-tight that you can't visit the lavatory in it!

"I just can't be doing with all that. It's like torture, and if you are in pain then you can't enjoy the moment. Women should not have to be uncomfortable in what they're wearing. We're not living in Victorian times."

The 33-year-old actress realises her fashion view isn't shared by many of her fellow actresses, but says the Oscars process is too lengthy to feel uncomfortable.

She said: "When you think about it, it's like the longest wedding of anyone's life. You really have to be ready to leave by three in the afternoon, you sit in all that traffic to get there and you don't take the dress off until three in the morning - if you're lucky."

Kate has been inundated with fabulous designer frocks, but has yet to decide which one she will wear.

She added to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "I haven't made a final decision yet as to who I'll be wearing. I think I can wear whatever I want, can't I?

"It would be nice to wear British, but it just doesn't always happen that way. It's going to be a case of whatever feels the most comfortable on the day."

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