Rihanna injuries revealed

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  • 20 February 2009

Rihanna injuries revealed

A graphic photograph apparently showing Rihanna with injuries, including cuts on her lips, bruises on her forehead and a swollen nose, has been leaked

A graphic photograph apparently showing Rihanna with injuries from an alleged assault by Chris Brown has been leaked.

The picture is a close up of a young woman's face and shows cuts on her lips, bruises to her cheeks and forehead and a swollen nose. The victim's eyes are shut.

Los Angeles police - who are investigating allegations Chris beat Rihanna in his car earlier this month - have launched an internal inquiry about the leaked photos.

The police department said in a statement: "The unauthorised release of a domestic violence photograph immediately generated an internal investigation. The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence."

The department called the leak a "serious misconduct" adding the person responsible could be fired.

Chris was charged with making criminal threats and released on $50,000 bail following the incident.

It has been claimed the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office has since requested the 19-year-old singer be investigated for a range of other felonies, including domestic violence, assault resulting in great bodily injury - reportedly based on allegations made by Rihanna - and attempted murder.

Rihanna has reportedly told police the pair began fighting in Chris' rented Lamborghini, resulting in Chris putting his hands around her neck and shouting: "I'm going to kill you."

She is believed to have told officers he then began beating her, and choked her until she passed out.

Chris has since released a statement saying he is "sorry and saddened over what transpired".


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1. Jennifer Ann's Group20 Feb 2009, 7:12pm Report

This situation is as predictable as it is regrettable. 44% of all students will have been in an abusive relationship by the time they graduate from college.

FORTY-FOUR percent!

As reprehensible as Mr. Brown's actions are, hopefully it will help to increase awareness of this problem. The week prior to this assault was National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week but little mention was made of it in the mainstream media.

Protect yourself and those you care about by sharing the information about Teen Dating Violence.

Three years ago, on February 15, 2006 my 18-year-old honor student daughter was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. It's too late to save her, but hopefully not too late to save those close to you.

Drew Crecente
Executive Director, Jennifer Ann's Group

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