Comics - The Blackest Gnome (3 stars)

Malcy Duff

The Blackest Gnome (Missing Twin Publishing)


More dreams, schemes and half remembered memories from Edinburgh based cartoonist Duff. This, his 31st comic book is, according to the press notes, ‘inspired by the cancellation of the last black and white minstrel show in Scotland after just one complaint.’ Following on from recent minor but intriguing curios from Duff - I Can’t Draw: Part 2 and The Castrato’s Song, The Blackest Gnome is more of the same.

Essentially a collection of beautifully drawn and detailed sequences rather than a uniformed whole, Duff’s latest opus is full of ideas of perspective, movement and (unusually for him) even colour in the final section. It’s a perverse, opaque, monastic but totally bewildering experience, but one that has - and will - continue to find a following. To order a copy of The Blackest Gnome visit or email

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