Bed, The

The Bed

CCA, Glasgow, Sat 23 Sep


How does sleeping with 40 strangers in one night grab you? Well, the mother of all one night stands is about to arrive in Glasgow, so dig out your best pyjamas. Despite how it sounds, The Bed is in fact a perfectly respectable contemporary dance show, created by award-winning choreographer Angela Praed. Unlike most trips to the theatre, however, this one lasts all night.

Armed with a sleeping bag and pillow, you arrive at the CCA at 9.30pm, watch some dance, sleep, eat breakfast then head home, having experienced something quite unique. ‘It’s not in any way frightening or daunting,’ Praed assures us. ‘Most of the audience will fall asleep, which is actually part of it.’

This is the fifth time Praed has staged The Bed, and the show has evolved along the way. Two dancers perform throughout the night, their actions initially centred on a double bed. But as the upright audience slowly becomes supine, the movement spreads through the room.

‘People tend to wake up, watch some more movement and then drift back to sleep,’ Praed explains. ‘So the dance mingles with their dream state.’ As the hours pass, audience members are free to leave the performance space to grab a coffee in an adjoining room and talk about the show.

‘It’s really interesting watching how people’s perceptions change,’ says Praed. ‘To see them wake up in the morning and eat breakfast having shared something together through the night - it’s quite beautiful.’

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