Jade Goody tries on her wedding gown

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  • 18 February 2009
Jade Goody

Jade Goody tries on her wedding gown

Jade Goody tried on her wedding dress for the first time yesterday (17.02.09)

Jade Goody tried on her wedding dress yesterday (17.02.09).

The cancer stricken former 'Big Brother' star tried on the £3,500 dress she has picked out for her wedding to Jack Tweed on Sunday (22.02.09).

Jade - who has just weeks to live after cervical cancer spread to her bowel, groin and liver - told friends: "I felt like a princess when I put on the dress. It's fabulous."

She was helped to her feet by nurses in a private room at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where she is being treated, and saw herself wearing it for the first time.

Her publicist Max Clifford added: "It is her dream dress and she was laughing for the first time in two weeks. She was giggling like a 10-year-old as she was trying it on and looking at it in the mirror. It was wonderful to see her like that."

The wedding venue was also confirmed yesterday as Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hertfordshire, followed by a wedding reception held at Jade's home 20 miles away.

Doctors are said to be worried about Jade's plans to leave the hospital, but the star remains adamant the wedding will not take place in the hospital's chapel.

A friend told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "They don't want her leaving the hospital. But it is Jade's day. She is determined to have a traditional wedding."

Meanwhile Jade's mother Jackiey took her sons, Freddie, four and Bobby, five, to be fitted for their wedding suits, while the groom, Jack, 21, was fitted for his suit at a London tailors.

Jack also spoke about the couple's plight, saying: "I'd rather do life in prison than live without Jade. If she died it would kill me.

"She has her moments when we have a laugh. But because she is on a lot of drugs, she gets drowsy a lot and doesn't know where she is and can't speak properly. If there was anything I could do to get her back to normal I would."

Jade's bridesmaid Kate Jackson, 30, has also praised her friend's determination in the face of her cancer battle.

She told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "There are so many things to organise and so much of what Jade wants isn't practical when there is only a week - but if anyone can pull off this wedding, Jade can.

"She wants it to be the most incredible day of her life and we will do whatever we can to make sure it is."

It was also confirmed last night Jade has signed an exclusive £750,000 deal for photographs of the wedding with OK magazine. She has previously said she wants to earn as much money as possible to put into a trust fund for her sons after she has passed away.

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