Comics - Captain Britain Volume 1 (3 stars)

Chris Claremont & Herb Trimpe

Captain Britain Volume 1 (Marvel/Panini)


It may have stemmed from a slightly cynical, ‘lets see if we can cash in on the British market with a thinly disguised take on Captain America’ but Chris Claremont may well be one of the greatest comics story tellers of his time (admittedly his recent output is old fashioned and bogged down by slavishly complex continuity). This compendium reprints a massive chunk of Captain Britain’s early stories (collecting issues 1-23) from Brian Braddock’s transformation to the ‘Lion of London’ (it’s all to do with a magic amulet and some Arthurian mumbo jumbo) through his tussles with the Red Skull and team ups with Captain America and Nick Fury. There’s a relentless pace and cracking titles like ‘Havoc at Heathrow’ or ‘Riot on Regent Street’ that make this an enjoyable British spin on 70s comic heroics. But, rather evilly, they leave us on a cliffhanger. Tune in next time kids.

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