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  • 19 February 2009
Nell Nelson

Nutritionist, writer and TV presenter

Eat Well With Nell has just been published, so I’ve got to look well at the moment! Food really plays a huge part in giving you loads of energy, clear wrinkle-free skin, strong nails and glossy hair and the recipes are all geared to making you look and feel great, so it really is a case of following my own advice. I always have breakfast so I have enough energy to get through the day and to help me resist my ‘elevenses, I’ll just have one chocolate biscuit’ weakness. In winter, I love fruity porridge made with muesli, pinhead oatmeal, ground sesame seeds and almonds. Lunch is usually a bowl of veggie soup such as sweet potato and coconut – so lots of good fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. My evening meal is grilled fish or chicken, which has been spiced up with cardamom, cumin or coriander served with a nutty wholegrain, like pearl barley or buckwheat. I love vanilla rooibos tea, so I find it easy to avoid caffeine and if I go for a cycle I can indulge in my book’s last chapter, which is called ‘Some Things Are Worth Getting Fat For!’

Eat Well With Nell is out now published by Hachette

Nell Nelson

An afternoon of foody fun with Nell Nelson as she discusses her new book 'Eat Well With Nell', TV series 'The Woman Who Ate Scotland' and everything else. 'Part of Inverness Book Festival'.

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