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  • 19 February 2009

It's not just rounders you know. Beyond its similarities, baseball is a game of skill, speed and tactics. Find out how by heading along to the Edinburgh Devils or the Glasgow Baseball Association, where beginners are always welcome.
See or call 0131 476 4458.

Aussie rules football
With team names like The Bloods and The Bodysnatchers, some may be put off by this mix of rugby, football and no-holds barred violence. Don’t worry, though, newcomers of all ages, skill levels and experience are always welcome, and with teams in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen there’s no excuse.
See or call Andy Butler on 07919 092214.

Underwater hockey
Underwater hockey, or Octopush, is as simple and as fun as it sounds, and the Glasgow Underwater Hockey Club are always welcoming new members. Just head along to North Woodside Leisure Centre on a Monday evening at 8pm. All you need is your swimsuit, and the first lesson’s free.

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