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Claire Barclay: Openwide Acclaimed sculptor Barclay uses a range of familiar materials, including leather, wood and metal to create beautifully balanced and crafted installations whose meaning is intentionally ambiguous. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 12 Apr.

The Dirty Hands Glasgow-based emerging artists Clare Stephenson and Alex Pollard explore their shared fascination with excess and amorality. Stephenson exhibits a series of free-standing ‘drag queen’ figures, with names like ‘Our-Lady-of-the-Conscious-Optics’ and ‘Madame Toute-Pliée’, striking camp poses within a theatrical installation, while Pollard’s paintings play with notions of mythic criminality and the carnivalesque, all presented in a distorted hall of mirrors. CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 21 Mar.

Timecode DCA celebrates its tenth birthday in appropriate fashion with an enjoyable group show of works exploring the theme of time. Featured artists include On Kawara, Kelly Mark and Christian Stock. Dundee Contemporary Arts, until Wed 18 Mar.

Jonathan Owen Owen examines and subverts notions of suburban domesticity in this series of intelligently installed works, which includes a wine rack wrapped in chains and a broken hat stand. Doggerfisher, Edinburgh, until Sat 28 Mar.

Jimmy Robert: Grey Flannel Suits Any Man Guadeloupe-born, Brussels-based artist Robert explores the fragile nature of representation in his first solo show in Scotland. Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, Fri 20 Feb–Sat 28 Mar.

Claire Barclay

  • 4 stars

Major solo exhibition of work by Claire Barclay, a Scottish artist known for her highly-crafted sculptural objects brought together into precisely plotted relationships.


  • 4 stars

Group exhibition of works that exhibit an interest in the practice of marking time. Featuring work by both accomplished and emerging artists, including Douglas Gordon, Ilana Halperin and On Kawara.

The Dirty Hands

  • 4 stars

Group show about excess and dandified amorality from Glasgow artists Clare Stephenson and Alex Pollard. Stephenson will be showing a series of free-standing drag queen figures interacting within a theatrical installation, while Pollard's paintings are set in a distorted hall of mirrors.

Jonathan Owen

  • 4 stars

New exhibition of intricately-worked sculptural pieces by the Edinburgh-based artist.

Jimmy Robert, Grey Flannel Suits any Man

  • 4 stars

Jimmy Roberts is a French artists living in Brussels who works in photography as well as performance or film. Here he attempts to create a dialogue between individual pieces but also using them as separate entities.

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