Jolson & Co – The Musical

Jolson & Co – The Musical

He may spend every Christmas wearing false boobs and saggy tights, but there’s much more to Allan Stewart than pantomime dame. The singer/actor will show another side to his considerable talent when he portrays Al Jolson, one of the world’s first superstars. These days, Jolson is synonymous with jazz hands, ‘Mammy’ and little else. Back in the 1920s, however, he had 23 number one singles, appeared in ten films and led 11 Broadway shows. Backed by an eight-piece band, Stewart will no doubt do the late legend justice.

King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Feb–Sat 7 Mar.

Jolson & Co - The Musical

King's Theatre comedy stalwart Allan Stewart stars as the inimitable Al Jolson, star of the first ever 'talkie', 'The Jazz Singer', in 1927.

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