5 Reasons to go see Shred Yr Face 2

5 Reasons to go see Shred Yr Face 2
  1. You will literally be able to shred your face But only if you bring along your own cheese grater and apply it vigorously to your mush. Shred Yr Face is actually a joint tour sponsored by Rock Sound magazine which brings you three of the finest exponents of out-there, full-frontal rock’n’roll mayhem. Faces may not be shred, but ears will be battered. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
  2. You will get Fucked Up We’re not talking with drink and drugs here, although of course that’s up to you, rather we’re talking about the awesome Toronto-born hardcore punk outfit, whose members include ‘Concentration Camp’ and ‘Mustard Gas’ and who are an insanely volatile mix of rock, punk, prog, post-rock and experimental madness.
  3. You will see The Bronx Not the dangerous NYC borough, rather the dangerous Los Angeles-based punk rock band who are so authentically hardcore they were recently invited to play Black Flag in a feature film.
  4. You will meet Rolo Tomassi Not the imaginary character from the film LA Confidential, but the kick-ass girl-fronted Sheffield fivesome currently throwing out punk-jazz craziness, post-prog weirdness and all points in between.
  5. There’s an exclusive 7in single released Featuring all three bands, only 1000 copies, all red vinyl, which will be handy for mopping up the blood from all the face shredding. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Garage, Glasgow, Fri 27 Feb.

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