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The Nightingales Insult to Injury (Klangbad) Formed from the remnants of Brummie punks, The Prefects, there’s a definite decadent mess here that John Peel would have loved.

Grandmaster Flash The Bridge (Adrenaline Entertainment/Strut) The stars have come out for the return of this production pioneer, with Q-Tip, KRS-One and Busta Rhymes all offering rhymes as Flash reminds us why he’s a hip hop legend.

Oumou Sangare Seya (World Circuit Records) One of Africa’s most popular singers, Sangare has a voice that transcends borders with its positivity. And Oprah Winfrey’s a fan!

Josh Wink When a Banana Was Just a Banana (Ovum Recordings) We’ve personally never known a time when bananas have escaped their fate of eponymy, but beyond intriguing album titles, this is a superbly chilled take on how to keep to the essentials of dance music.

Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream (Virgin Records) Luke Steele continues his magnificent Sleepy Jackson form with this side project blessed with a vision akin to what the future must have seemed like in the 80s.

The Airborne Toxic Event The Airborne Toxic Event (Major Domo) The unfortunate name belies a creative guitar band able to wring emotion to overflow that shallow emo pail.

Eyelash Recession (Lost Boys Studios) The fuzzy production doesn’t do much to help this earnest, but ultimately fruitless blend of pop and metal (petal?).

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