Wounded Knee - Shimmering New Vistas (4 stars)

Wounded Knee - Shimmering New Vistas



A self-professed ‘future primitive’ diviner, Edinburgh’s Wounded Knee – aka electronic sorcerer and oral diabolist Drew Wright – has created and excavated myriad legacies for this, his first major full-length release.

The album’s amalgam of Gaelic psalms (‘River Dance’), jovial folk hoe-downs (‘Bools Rules’), mesmeric incantations (‘The Sublime Frequencies), primordial rhythms and verbal alchemy (‘My Wooden Cupboard’), is entrancing, disorientating, and awesome.

For every reference to our traditional heritage, there’s a visionary curveball that propels Wright into unchartered territory. It’s as enticing as it is formidable, it’s well worth repeated listens, and it’s a significant addition to the contemporary Scottish music canon.