Calamateur - Jesus is for Losers (4 stars)

Calamateur - Jesus is for Losers



The world needs mavericks like Calamateur. Holed up somewhere outside Inverness, Andrew Howie has been making a find blend of folk, rock and electronica for almost a decade, with this latest offering typically brimming with invention and considerable skill.

A concept album of sorts featuring covers of songs about Jesus and a handful of original tunes, it’s utterly engaging and heartfelt, from the bluesy stomp of ‘Lonely Boy’ to the heartbreaking cover of ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ from the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. Yes, really. The whole album is available free from, a donation nets you a bonus five-track EP. Do it now.


1. ogi17 Apr 2010, 3:29pm Report

Loosers is for JESUS!!!

2. Morgan Shore11 Nov 2010, 11:03pm1 star Calamateur - Jesus is for Losers Report

Jeus is the one. Without him, you'll be lend into: suicide and other hurtful things. But God and Jesus, They are the one. They are not for losers. I am not a Loser. When God comes there will be torture, there will be no souls exept for the ones who did not exept Jesus in their hearts, then for three hurtful years the earth will be caught into flames, and the people rised to heaven will go to a new earth and the ones who didn't exept Jesus will go to Hell. I am a Visionary of Jesus, God told me my little cousin Jessica was going to be a girl, and he gave me a vision of Heaven. So Please don't talk about Jesus Christ in a affending way.

3. Stephen McLeod26 Nov 2011, 4:56pm Report

Dear Morgan.

Please download and listen to the music before you spout off religious-speak on a website from across the Atlantic like some zealout, and only serve to give Christians a worse name than they already get.

Please learn to spell 'affending' correctly.

and technically God and Jesus are not 'the one'. Look up the Trinity. ;)

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