Yahweh - Tug of Love (4 stars)

Yahweh - Tug of Love

(Square Go Records)


The tall, bespectacled shadow of Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow looms heavily over Scottish underground music. His truly special brand of homely introspection has fuelled more late night confessionals at the tape recorder than any other earnest, acoustic troubadour could ever claim. On this album, Yahweh have harnessed the fumbling beauty of Barlow’s understated, wry musical style but fused it with jittery, electronic backing. But that’s only part of what Yahweh can do. They also drape their frail tunes in layers of vinyl ‘surface noise’, distant, analogue farts and hums, distressed, itchy Can-esque guitarlines, down-a-well banjo and broken shortwave radio chatter. This is the missing ink between Boards of Canada and Arab Strap and arguably as good as both at points. A breathtaking, beguiling record imbued with an intimacy and wistful, organic atmosphere all its own.

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