Ewan Wilkinson - Lost In The Day (3 stars)

Ewan Wilkinson - Lost In The Day

(Brechin All Records)


Born in the Borders and now based in Edinburgh, singer Ewan Wilkinson’s first album on accordionist Sandy Brechin’s label is a promising debut. His selection of material is strong, including capable covers of traditional staples like Burns’s ‘Ay Waulkin O’ and ‘The Broom o’ the Cowdenknowes’, more out of the way traditional songs like ‘Pills of White Mercury’, and a modern classic in Richard Thompson’s ‘Beeswing’. His own songs are not on that rarefied level, but not much is.

While there are plenty of good singing voices around on the Scottish folk scene, Wilkinson also has a good feel for molding and shaping a song, and is an able guitarist (he throws in a bit of ukulele for good measure). His instrumental work is augmented by several guests, including Brechin on accordion, plus fiddles, whistle and Wendy Weatherby’s cello.

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