Mt St Helens Vietnam Band - Mt St Helens Vietnam Band

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band

(Dead Oceans)


If there’s a touch of the Von Trapps about this ace Seattle prog-pop five-piece, it’s with excellent reason: their drummer (Marshall) is a 13-year-old mini-dude, whose adoptive father (Benjamin) is his biological brother, and also the quintet’s singer songwriter. The miniature sticksman’s foster mother (Traci), meanwhile, is the raucous ensemble’s glockenspiel player. (And she’s also Benjamin’s wife).

Anticipate not Rodgers and Hammerstein, however: MSHVB’s debut is rife with defiant alt.rock delights that veer across melodic wig-outs, speedball metal and fuzzed-up R&B. There are pop histrionics, Byzantine rhythms and rampant axe chops all over the shop. So yeah: a thumbs-up.

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