Julian Argüelles - Inner Voices (4 stars)

Julian Argüelles - Inner Voices

(Tone of Pitch Records)


These days saxophonist Julian Argüelles divides his time between homes in East Lothian and Frankfurt (where he plays with the acclaimed HR Radio Big Band), and it was during a stay in Germany that he created this solo music in his room, using a high quality microphone and computer. His characteristic gift for conjuring up beguiling melodies is always evident in the longer tracks, and the more abstract or intense passages never outstay their welcome. His eclectic referencing of jazz, classical and world music influences always feels fully integrated, never a fashionable add-on.

As well as his familiar tenor and soprano saxophones and clarinets, he plays wind instruments ranging from the piercing asperities of piccolo through to the rumbling burr of contrabass saxophone, and adds his own ‘saxophone percussion’, creating rhythm tracks by tapping the keys or banging and scraping other parts of the instruments. The results are consistently absorbing and enjoyable, and make a fascinating addition to the saxophonist’s already diverse discography.

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