The Foxes (3 stars)

The Foxes

Named after ‘the great man himself’, as angelic-looking Foxes lead singer Nigel Thomas says, introducing their forthcoming single ‘Bill Hicks’, the band’s closing song is a two-minute-long rifftastic marriage made in heaven of pop hummability and breakneck punk energy. And it’s an aptly angsty tribute to the late comedian, whose family say he’d have loved their music.

But plugging their free MP3 that’s available by text, these offspring of the MySpace generation and any new band besides would be wise to heed Hicks’ warning that ‘you do a commercial and you’re off the artistic roll call forever’.

Likewise, the repeated thrashy yelping on second number ‘Trauma Town’ that public transport is ‘full of twats’ thins out the crowd in Guinness Book of Records-worthy time, although the band gets faster, better and angrier on every song and ‘Lover, Killer’ is an ace combination of harmonies, fuzzily deafening guitar action, proper bonkers drumming and a sneering vocal worthy of Liam Gallagher.So anyone with a little time on their hands could do a lot worse than hunting down these Foxes for sport.

Barfly, Glasgow, Mon 9 Feb

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