Beerjacket (4 stars)


Look busy, here comes The Boss! Yep, the legendary Bruce Springsteen paid a spiritual if not physical visit to Oran Mor during a Beerjacket cover of ‘Dancing in the Dark’, and the song’s bittersweet tone and repressed optimism slotted very neatly into this splendid set.

Headlining after the 16-strong Second Hand Marching Band was no mean feat for one man and his guitar, but acoustic troubadour Peter Kelly pulled it off, and encouraging the crowd to clap, hum and sing along while he filled the venue to the brim with his heartfelt croon meant that he had the audience’s undivided attention.Freshly-minted material like ‘Evil Air’ and ‘House of Toys’ (‘I know I’m lucky I’m alive’) struck a more subdued but no less welcome tone than most established numbers like ‘Dance Dance Dance’ and ‘The Bar That Never Closes’.

‘I hope you had a good time,’ he says at the end. That he succeeded is as certain as Mr Springsteen’s lyrical statement that ‘you can’t start a fire without a spark’. And everyone knows you can’t argue with The Boss.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 5 Feb

Horse Feathers, Beerjacket and Yusuf Azak

Indie folk act from Portland, supported by one-man alt.folk act Beerjacket.

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